Paying Tribute to The Standards 

Singer. Musician. 
Entertainer. Curator.

 Thanks for a gratifying Five Year Run

For the past five years, we've been very fortunate to be a part of something that so many enjoyed at BIRCH'S on the Lake. It's
a very special place and we've met so many wonderful people who've enjoyed our music 
and inspired us to follow our dreams.

Thanks to the many gracious guests who came regularly and put a smile on our faces,.. and also a very special THANK YOU to all of the gifted Musicians who graced our little corner as weekly performers. I'm also forever indebted to the many top-tier Artists who came and graced us to perform as our Special Guest Vocalists. 


Birch's Supper Club offers well-crafted food & cocktails in a warm atmosphere within a beautiful wooded setting. We encourage your continued support  and recommend you take in the live music happening weekly downstairs in the Brewpub.

For us,  there will be special performances upstairs in the Supper Club forthcoming...
so stay tuned.


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