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Paying Tribute to The Standards 

Singer. Musician. 
Entertainer. Curator.

Back in the Groove

Birch's Supper Club in Long Lake features top shelf LIVE entertainment every other Saturday for your listening enjoyment.

The Wayne Anthony Jazz Ensemble will be back performing  on a regular basis with our dates being posted along with other featured artists on the Birch's Supper Club Stage.

The vibe and the spirit at Birch's... it simply doesn't get any better as this iconic space with their amazing staff is among the best place to relax in front of a fire.. listen to great music and dine in all of the Twin Cities.

Birch's Supper Club offers expertly-crafted food & cocktails in a warm atmosphere within a beautiful naturally wooded setting. 

                                              A TRIBUTE TO FRANK SINATRA
Thanks to all who came and enjoyed this annual tradition at Birch's. We are grateful for you and your loyal friendship.

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